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The Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar looks good but more importantly keeps our valuable guitars secure, yet ready.
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Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar

Security you can depend on

Text and Photos by Tom Hintz

Posted –8-30-2012

Whether you are a pro player or just make fun noises like I do, we all value our guitars. Many of us spend as much as we can to get a good instrument so it makes perfect sense to spend a little more to protect it. When I wanted to hang my guitars on the wall where they would be safest in my office I discovered the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar, bought one and have been happy with it ever since.

The Basics

The Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar is a nifty bit of design in that it automatically captures the guitar when you set it into the padded yoke. The weight of the guitar pulls the puke downwards a bit which pivots retaining arms across the opening so the guitar cannot slip out until you lift it again. I don’t have much worry about earthquakes in North Carolina but have had things vibrate off the wall before. Folks who are more likely to experience the shaking of the earth already see the usefulness of the capture feature.

The Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar is really mounted on a limited swivel that lets the guitar find its own plumb in case you did not get the base mounted perfectly. (Nice touch) The wooden base is nicely finished and comes pre-drilled for two screws that hold it to the wall. It is important to remember that the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar is designed to be used on masonry (brick or concrete) walls or screwed directly to studs behind the drywall or other surface covering. The last thing we want to do is buy a very capable hanging system and then have a guitar fall to the floor because we “cheaped out” on the fastening.


The Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar kit comes with the screws and plastic pieces (left) that are meant for masonry walls only. I used the 2-1/2"-long screws to mount my Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar. When you set the guitar into the padded yoke (right) the front arms flip closed preventing the guitar from coming out until you lift it out.
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The Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar comes with a pair of plastic sleeves and screws that look much like drywall anchors but they are longer and designed for use in masonry walls only! I used 2-1/2”-long wood screws to secure the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar to a stud in my office wall. Remember that the screws have to go through the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar base plus at least ½” of drywall before they ever touch the stud. It’s hard to use too long of a screw but way easy to use screws that are too short.

Since this is the second Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar in my office I used a level and my stud detector to locate the newest one on the same plane as the first. I thought of starting a chevron type of layout but don’t want the wife to realize what my ultimate guitar collection looks like in my head. By keeping the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar level with each other it will be easier to sneak a new one in now and then.

I used the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar itself to align the holes on my marks on the wall, pre-drilled for the screws and then screwed it in place. After that the most difficult part is setting the guitar in the yoke and letting it hang on its own for the first time.



The Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar is a solid, dependable system for hanging expensive guitars on a suitable wall. With a street price of $26.99 (8-30-2012) the Hercules Swivel Guitar Hangar is not the cheapest system out there but is one that I trust with my guitars even though I am not a pro and didn’t pay thousands for them. For just about all of the clear thinkers with guitars, under $30 is cheap insurance for instruments we genuinely care about.

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